CO-OP recipient of $66 million of Obamacare funds not registered with state

The Obama Administration has just awarded $65,925,396 in Obamacare loan grants to a Nevada insurance CO-OP (Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan) with strong union ties. What's more, a search of the Nevada Secretary of State's website and follow-up call to their office shows that "Hospitality Health CO-OP" isn't registered with the Nevada Secretary of State's office! (In fact, a search for the term "Hospitality Health" [without the term "CO-OP"] only brings up one result--a dissolved corporation called "Hospitality Healthcare, Inc.")

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says that Hospitality Health CO-OP, if that's what it's really called, was sponsored by a "Taft-Hartley" union benefits plan called the "Culinary Health Fund" and the Health Services Coalition a coalition of primarily unions and casinos.

To recap: HHS just gave $66 million away to a union-sponsored organization that's not even registered in the state in which it plans to operate.

Update (5/30/2012): Internal HHS Document: "Hospitality Health CO-OP" incorporated in Delaware--Search of Delaware site shows CO-OP must have a different name.