If Obamacare overturned, what happens to all the money?

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed what the attorneys in our office at Americans for Limited Government have been debating for some time. If Obamacare is overturned what happens to all of the grant money that has already been given away?

The Obama Administration has already spent billions of dollars in grants to private entities. And insurance companies have already spent billions on drug subsidies for seniors as required by Obamacare.

Will this money have to be returned? And what if it has already been spent?

The Wall Street Journal confirms our suspicions that we don't know what will happen to Obamacare's grants. There would almost certainly be lawsuits and the courts would then decide between the federal government and grant recipients.

The article ends on an interesting note regarding a potential winding down of Obamacare grants:

Dr. Stream pointed out that some new grants were made by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, an office created as part of the health law that could itself disappear if the law is overturned. "Who's going to oversee that then?" he asked.