National Association of Insurance Commissioners Approves Model Health Exchange Legislation

12/17/2010 - 12:40pm

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners voted yesterday to approve model legislation for state health insurance exchanges under Obamacare. According to Politico Pulse, only Texas voted against the model act. Had the Texas Department of Insurance (TID)voted for the model act they would have been obligated to introduce it as a bill in the Texas legislature. Said TID, "The department is simply taking a different approach to implementation more tailored to Texas Law.”

The American Health Benefit Exchange Model Act, gives states a framework from which they can design an exchange program that works best for them. the model act provides valuable drafting guidance throughout to help legislatures navigate the range of options permissible under Obamacare.

NAIC is also writing a white paper which will further assist states in this process.

The model act is available for download below.