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December 19th

Why businesses are already cutting employee hours to avoid Obamacare’s 2014 Employer Mandate.

Part time signals sign

You may have heard news reports of businesses cutting back their employees’ hours to avoid or reduce Obamacare’s upcoming Employer Mandate penalties. But if the Employer Mandate doesn’t go into effect until 2014, why are businesses already cutting back on employee hours for 2013? Read more »

December 10th

Americans for Limited Government protests Obama Administration’s unusually short public comment periods

ALG's Extension Request

Americans for Limited Government President, Bill Wilson, has sent public comments to the Obama Administration protesting extremely short comment periods for four separate Obamacare regulations.

Within a two week period, the Obama Administration, deluged the American people with nine Obamacare regulations. Read more »

November 15th

Status of State Health Insurance Exchanges

Status of State Health Insurance Exchange Decisions Map

(Updated 1/4/2012 8:49am) Governors and other state officials, across the states, are deciding whether their state will establish a Health Insurance Exchange. The Department of Health and Human Services has given States until Friday, December 14, 2012 to decide. We have been following this issue closely and here's the status of the states as best as we can tell. Read more »

November 2nd

What’s Obama hiding?: Evidence Obama is withholding regulations until after the election.

Hidden intersection sign

Source: flickr

Either the Obama Administration has come to the conclusion that regulations are hurting businesses and the workers they employ, or it is in the midst of a pre-election regulatory slow down to hide its true agenda. Read more »

October 23rd

Obama Administration twists Obama's health insurance promise

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

The Obama Administration is twisting its original promise that if you like your health plan you can keep it. Read more »

October 22nd

Obamacare regulations now at 2.8 million words

Code of Federal Regulations

Obamacare’s regulations continue to expand. At 2,864,094 words, Obamacare is now well over twice as long as the Guinness World Record for the longest novel.

The record is the thirteen-volume novel, A la recherché du temps perdu (translated “Remembrance of Things Past”), by Marcel Proust which weighs in at 1.2 million words--a short story compared to Obamacare.

Since we last reported the length of Obamacare regulations in February 2012, they have grown by 700,000 words.

Here are a few comparisons. Read more »

October 14th

Obamacare fining hospitals for readmitting patients

Hospital emergency room entrance

Source: Flickr

Because of Obamacare, the federal government is endangering the health and lives of Medicare patients by fining hospitals for readmitting too many patients. This year 2,211 hospitals will lose about $280 million for having readmitted too many patients within 30 days of their discharge. Read more »

October 7th

Obamacare leaves poor in Mandate Limbo

Chart explaining what happens if states choose not to expand Medicaid

Obamacare’s inflexible complexity along with its recently declared unconstitutional Medicaid expansion provision has left a certain segment of the population in Mandate Limbo. Read more »

October 5th

Evidence we can expect longer lines under Obamacare

The state of New York is looking to hear from the Obama Administration how it plans to allow New York to limit the number of times you can see your doctor. Read more »

September 20th

Judge dismisses parts of “Death Panel” case—asks plaintiffs to submit new brief after NFIB v. Sebelius

Attribution: Army Medicine

Nearly three weeks ago, in Coons v. Geithner, a federal judge dismissed parts of a challenge to Obamacare’s “death panel” officially known as the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (IPAB). Read more »